Knowing where Asbestos can be found is a safety necessity

locker room water heater asbestos

Typical older gymnasium locker room hot water heater asbestos insulated tank and pipes. Items stored in the room should be “initially cleaned “ before removal.

pipe fittings (ACM)

In this room only the pipe fittings (elbows) have asbestos containing material (ACM) while the rest of the pipe is insulated with fiberglass. Note the required label when ACM is present in maintenance areas.

asbestos containing cementitious fire retardant

Asbestos containing cementitious fire retardant sprayed on the ceiling (Robinson deck and beams) in a mechanical room.

Worn out vinyl asbestos tile

Now this is worn out vinyl asbestos floor tile (VAT). This does release small amounts of asbestos fibers when disturbed and should be removed or at least the damaged sections replaced.

Fire door containing asbestos
fire doors

These are fire doors in a gymnasium. One of the doors has significant damage at the bottom corner of the door where the throw bolt which goes into the floor to hold the door closed was broken out exposing the inner asbestos mineral core of the door.  This has been damaged for a long time as you can see it has been painted over.  

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