Overview: Lead Awareness Training Online

As per OSHA requirements, jobs requiring workers to work with materials or in places that increase lead exposure risks must provide employees with lead awareness training. Employers in industries like construction where workers are exposed or risk exposure to lead-containing materials must offer lead awareness training regularly.

Lead exposure in industries like construction can happen during demolition, renovation, new construction, installation, emergency clean-up, transportation, and maintenance operations.

Since lead awareness training is a must for individuals exposed to lead at work, the next most important step is finding the best training.

What is the Best Online Lead Awareness Training on the Market?

To answer this question effectively, you must understand what makes a good online lead awareness training company. Generally, there are four main factors to look for.

I. OSHA-Approved Lead Awareness Training

Since lead awareness training is mandatory, many unscrupulous trainers are out there trying to cash in with shoddy courses that don’t meet regulations. The best online lead awareness training on the market is done by training companies that have OSHA-approved courses. Ideally, if the training doesn’t follow satisfy OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.1025 standards, such training is useless. Other important training standards such as EPA and AHERA should also be followed.

II. Effective Online Training Format

The best lead awareness training today is offered online in a convenient and effective way. For instance, the training should include short video clips, written resources, and short-easy-to-understand videos. A Q&A section, and group training should also be possible. Most importantly, training should be conducted by a certified lead awareness instructor.

There should also be certificates at the end of the training and incentives to help trainees stay engaged. The best online lead awareness training today can be done 100% online in an effective manner that meets regulatory requirements.

III. Positive Reviews

Online reviews offer a glimpse into what it’s like to try certain services. The best online lead awareness training courses today are also highly rated. Ideally, the feedback and retention rate should be 99% or more. Anyone who takes the training should love it and be able to complete it.

IV. Flexibility

Lead awareness training may be mandatory; however, it doesn’t have to be rigid, especially since it’s being offered online. The best lead awareness online training today is flexible. Trainees can complete training at their own time and speed.

The Best Online Lead Awareness Training on the market Today – Haztrainer!

Haztrainer is arguably among the best (if not the best) lead awareness training companies online today. The company offers training that satisfies all the above factors. Haztrainer offers OSHA-approved lead awareness training. The training also features a flexible training format with all the resources required to stay engaged and complete training. Haztrainer utilizes a special award-winning training format dubbed “HazCom Made Easy” that has been reviewed by OSHA.

Most importantly, Haztrainer comes highly reviewed with a 99.6% positivity rating. What’s more, everyone who starts training completes it! It doesn’t get better than Haztrainer for approved lead and asbestos awareness training online.