HazCom Made Easy™:

2 hour Asbestos & Lead Awareness Training

yearly training required by OSHA

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Meet your Hazard Communication requirements

with HazCom Made Easy™

All workers that may enter in contact with Asbestos or Lead are required by OSHA and the EPA
to take 2 hour Asbestos Awareness Training and 2 hour Lead Awareness training yearly

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HazCom Made Easy™:

An Easy to use training format

The online courses are Approved by OSHA and meet AHERA and the EPA strict requirements

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HazCom Made Easy™:

In lab sessions even with a weak internet connection

HazCom Made Easy™:

From the comfort of your home at your own pace

Two Hour Asbestos Awareness
OSHA Compliant

Two Hour Asbestos Awareness In Spanish
OSHA Compliant

Two Hour Asbestos Awareness For Michigan
OSHA Compliant

Two Hour Lead Awareness
OSHA Compliant

Meet your Hazard Communication requirements

  • HazCom Made Easy™ Award winning format reviewed by OSHA
  • Comply with OSHA, EPA and AHERA Once every year for Construction, Maintenance, Custodial and Industrial workers
  • 2 Hour Asbestos & Lead Awareness Training; Be informed about the dangers of Asbestos & Lead exposure in the work place.

Easy to use Lead & Asbestos training format

  • An easy to use video training
  • Engage with a certified instructor
  • Short Video Clips
  • Easy Q/A selection
  • At home, office or in a group
  • Prize winning incentives keep trainees engaged from beginning to end
  • Training cannot be shortcut according to regulatory requirements
  • Signed certificates of completion.
  • Compliant with OSHA, EPA and AHERA

Available 24/7 at your work station or in a computer lab group

Comply to Regulations

OSHA AHERA specify that every worker that might get in contact with asbestos or Lead is required to take a 2 hour Asbestos Awareness refresher training or a 2 hour Lead awareness refresher training every year Our trainings meet AHERA & OSHA compliance standards

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You can then select training(s) and enter trainee name(s)

Try this proven, inexpensive way to comply with EPA/AHERA and OSHA regulations. Take required environmental/OSHA training at your convenience, then print out your own certificate of completion. Corporate clients have administrative rights and logo branding options. Discounts are available for multiple trainees taking these trainings to comply with OSHA regulations.

  • Environmental training such as AHERA training for Asbestos Awareness, is for all employees who come into contact with Asbestos but do not disturb it. They must have the Two Hour Asbestos Awareness Training annually. This is almost all workers because over 3000 products are still in use, many not banned.
  • Lead Awareness Training is also required annually.  Lead classes are required under the Hazard Communication standard and OSHA standards. Employers are required to provide annual training to employees who encounter hazards in the workplace, including Lead, which is found in many common workplace products from keys to paint.

HazTrainer, with webetrainer, provides a multimedia training system that is fully interactive, including doorprizes, jackpots,  an engaging video format and a certificate of completion.

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