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Haztrainer provides the best Lead Awareness Training on the market. This training is fully online, so you can be trained and certified from anywhere at your own pace.

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2 Hour Lead Awareness Training Courses

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All About Lead Awareness Training

Do you need lead awareness training?

Yes, if you are exposed to lead at work! Any person who works with lead or materials containing lead must undergo awareness training. According to OSHA regulations, employees at risk of workplace exposure to lead must be informed and trained on lead awareness. Training should also be done at least once annually for every employee.

Given that lead is contained in many items ranging from paint to ceramics, soil, pipes, firearm bullets, etc., persons eligible for training include contractors, real estate workers, housekeepers, school maintenance workers, among many other persons at risk of getting exposed to lead at work.

Regulation on lead (as a pollutant) is widespread in many laws enforced by the EPA. Since training on lead is mandatory to all individuals at risk of workplace exposure, what is the best way to get training? – Haztrainer.

Why You Should Use Haztrainer.com


Easiest way to comply with OSHA, AHERA and EPA regulation

Haztrainer offers 100% online training. The training is done online at your convenience, and certificates are printable after completion. Corporate clients can apply for group training to enjoy massive discounts. What’s more, trainees get access to a certified instructor, easy-to-use video training (short video clips), and they can leave and resume training anytime at home or in the office.

It’s also worth noting that the 2-hour training covers everything as per the HCS (Hazard Communication Standard) for employees/workers who get exposure/are at risk of exposure to lead at work. The training covers everything from lead sources to uses, occurrences, dangers of exposure, and preventing exposure.


Tested, proven and loved training

Haztrainer boasts of a stellar retention rate (100%) and 99.6% positive feedback out of 106,000+ trainings taken to date. Everyone who takes Haztrainer lead awareness training online, among other online programs, loves the training and returns for more.

Part of Haztrainer’s success can be attributed to the multimedia training system that’s fully interactive with jackpots, door prizes, and engaging video training.


Competitively priced training

As mentioned above, groups get a special discount. Corporates with multiple trainees keen on complying with OSHA regulations can get cheaper rates, among other benefits like logo branding and administrative rights. When you add the cost benefits of online training, Haztrainer offers one of the most affordable 2 hour lead awareness training for corporate clients.


Training by a lead awareness expert

Most importantly, Haztrainer’s lead trainer (Ed Kennedy) is a certified consultant (CAC 03-1249) with over 38 years’ experience providing instruction and consulting on hazardous materials like Asbestos and Lead. Ed isn’t a self-proclaimed lead expert. He meets all AHERA and OSHA requirements in a unique and interesting way through anecdotes and personal experience.

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Haztrainer is undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) lead and asbestos awareness training platforms online today. The training is tested and proven, cost-effective, and conducted by a true expert. The reviews also speak volumes. You won’t get another training program loved by everyone. See for yourself by clicking the button below: