Two Hour Asbestos Awareness Training Online

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Two Hour Asbestos Awareness Training

Annual Two Hour Asbestos Awareness Training must be provided to Class IV employees under OSHA requirements 1926.1101(K). These employees may come in contact with asbestos (ACM or PACM), or clean up in rooms after an abatement project,  but are not trained to abate asbestos.

If you or your workers do not intend to remove asbestos containing materials, but work on or in buildings where asbestos is present, you and/or your employees will need this awareness training to learn how to identify and avoid risks. Our Asbestos Awareness Training must include the following topics:

  • Sources, Forms and Uses of Asbestos
  • Exposure Health Effects
  • Asbestos Regulations
  • Conditions and Concerns
  • Management and Exposure Prevention

Ed Kennedy is a Certified Asbestos Consultant, CAC 03-1249 , providing hazardous material instruction and consulting since 1982. In this online course “Asbestos Awareness Class” he covers all of the requirements set by OSHA and AHERA in an interesting way which includes personal experiences and anecdotes.

The training is a series of video clips with written fill-in-the blank notes, each followed by an answer selection choice that keeps the trainee fully engaged.

Accumulated points allow the trainee to spin the wheel for a chance to win a cash gift card.

Our online format allows 24/7 access, and to stop and resume the training at anytime.

The trainee is also able to question the instructor while taking the training to clarify covered points or request more information.

Upon course completion, a certificate is emailed to the main administrative contact ready to be printed on whatever paper stock desired, or attached and forwarded as a PDF to another email addressee. This training truly is “HazCom Made Easy”™

Training Option Available

  • Spanish – Not just subtitles the videos are entirely in Spanish
  • For Michigan – The training as been specially adapted for Michigan state trainees 

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Option: For Michigan

This Training exists in a version customized for Michigan state trainees and can be selected on the signup page

Option: In Spanish

This Training exists in a Spanish version with a Spanish speaking instructor, it can be selected on the signup page

Required yearly by OSHA and AHERA for new hires

OSHA and AHERA require all workers conducting maintenance and custodial activities to take 2 Hour Asbestos Awareness Training


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I’ve been through OSHA and Mold Training and this was fantastic

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I am very Impressed with the system

Custodial Supervisor, Michael C., Sacramento City College

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