Tile that contains asbestos

Which sized Floor Tiles contain Asbestos?

Tile that contains asbestos12-inch by 12-inch or 9-inch by 9-inch vinyl or asphalt Floor Tile…
OSHA says all asphalt or vinyl floor tile installed prior to 1980 is Presumed (PACM) to contain asbestos unless sampling proves otherwise. Pretty much all 9-inch by 9-inch contains some amount of asbestos. Typically, it contains less than 5% Chrysotile asbestos. It is common for 12-inch by 12-inch to also contain asbestos especially if it was installed prior to 1980. It is usually less than 3% Chrysotile asbestos.

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  1. Curtis says:

    Hello I have what i believe to be 9×9 Vinyl tiles in 2 basement rms equaling my 300 sq ft. I also have two other rms that I presume have the same tile under laminate. I don’t know for sure but because there was only one previous owner and the house is approx 40-50 yrs old. I’m guestimating they were installed prior to 1980. Please advise what level of Chrysotile asbestos is considered dangerous. I have to decide whether to leave the tile down or take it up.

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