Asbestos Awareness Training Frequency

Overview of OSHA asbestos awareness training regulations

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) requires employers to organize employee training programs for employees who work in environments that have been proven or are likely to contain asbestos.

The training requirements apply to employees that work in areas (measured or anticipated) to have asbestos levels equal or above 0.1 f/cc (fibers per cubic centimeter) as the 8-hour time-weighted average and/or 1f/cc as the 30-minute time-weighted average.

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Asbestos awareness training frequency

  • Generally, workers who risk being exposed to asbestos at work must receive asbestos awareness training for two or more hours at least once a year. New custodian and maintenance workers must be trained before they complete their 60th day of employment.

EPA guidelines on schools and staff, as well as maintenance workers who conduct activities that may result in disturbance of materials containing asbestos, must receive 16 hours of training (2 hours of asbestos awareness training and 14 hours of special operations and maintenance training.

Training duration and timelines for asbestos awareness and handling are determined by factors such as the type of work being performed by an employee as well as annual refresher training.

Businesses that require asbestos awareness training

OSHA standards apply to three main classes of workers, namely general industry, shipyard, and construction workers. Businesses in the general industry are those that employ workers who are involved in manufacturing asbestos-containing products.

Businesses in the shipyard industry include those that employ workers to repair, maintain, renovate & demolish buildings/structures that contain asbestos. OSHA regulations on asbestos awareness training also apply to businesses in the construction industry that hire workers to construct, alter, repair, renovate, maintain and/or demolish structures that have been proven or may contain asbestos.


Available options for asbestos awareness training

Asbestos training resources can be found in many local and state agencies. Professional associations can also direct individuals to training that matches their work. When seeking asbestos awareness training, make sure you are taking training that covers all the vital areas as per the EPA i.e., where you are likely to find asbestos, health effects, signs of asbestos damage, proper handling of asbestos-containing materials, etc. As mentioned above, the training must be done at least once annually.

The trainer (asbestos program manager) must also have sufficient knowledge of asbestos. He/she also needs training experience and accreditation. Many states have asbestos programs for workers at risk of being exposed to asbestos. Your state’s EPA or health department is a good place to start when looking for state-specific asbestos training information. Most states have updated information on training for asbestos professionals, including other information such as federal requirements like AHERA – An act that offers rules on managing asbestos-containing materials.

In summary, the asbestos training you consider needs to meet all OSHA, EPA, and AHERA requirements/guidelines.

How long does asbestos awareness training take?

Every worker that comes into contact or risks getting into contact with asbestos at work must take 2-hour asbestos awareness training yearly.

How difficult is it to get certified?

The challenges of taking an asbestos awareness training program are dictated by the program you select. Taking asbestos awareness training traditionally comes with notable challenges. In fact, the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get asbestos training is to go online to platforms like

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