How much does Asbestos removal cost?

In this months Haztrainer blog post we will discuss how much it costs to have Asbestos removed from schools, homes, businesses, among other buildings and establishments with asbestos-containing materials?


The Actual Cost of Removing Asbestos

While you need to consult an asbestos removal company to get an actual cost estimate, here’s what you should expect to pay depending on common factors affecting cost. The national average cost stands at $475 per hour for removing Asbestos inside a home. Costs range from $400 to $500 according to fixr.

The minimum and maximum costs are $200 and $700 per hour, respectively, with the lowest cost being for removing Asbestos outside the home. The above cost estimates include testing and removal with the highest estimate ($700), including repair costs. Generally, an average 1,500 sq. ft home costs $7,600, translating to approximately eight hours of removal done by two or more workers.

In regards to the cost of individual items, it costs $240 to $350 an hour to pre-clean and set up an area for safe asbestos removal. Actual removal costs approximately $150 to $250 per hour. Asbestos testing costs $250 to $800 an hour. Asbestos disposal and re-boarding cost ($10 to $50 per cubic yard) and ($5 to $25 per square feet), respectively.

professional asbestos removal worker

Factors dictating the cost of asbestos removal

Many factors dictate the actual cost of removing Asbestos. These factors can increase or lower the total cost. They include;

  • Size of area: Bigger areas will cost more than smaller areas.
  • Location: Asbestos-containing materials can be located in many areas ranging from roofs to tiles. The difficulty of getting to the location of the Asbestos will dictate the price. Far-reaching areas will obviously be more expensive. Your physical location i.e., state, also determines cost, with some states having higher/lower costs than others.
  • Type of asbestos: Different types of asbestos-containing materials will cost differently to remove because of factors such as difficulty to remove or the level of expertise required. Basic white asbestos costs are the lowest. Blue asbestos removal is the most costly since it may include encapsulation and repair costs inside a home/building.
  • Need for sampling and testing: If asbestos hasn’t been confirmed, removal services must factor in sampling and testing costs.
  • Type of building: Asbestos is usually present in two types of buildings, namely residential and commercial. Residential removal is cheaper than commercial removal, given factors like size and cost of halting operations. 

While there are other factors that can increase or decrease cost, such as the preparation work (ductwork) required and the cost of repairs if removal processes result in damage, the above list highlights the main factors.


Labor costs for asbestos removal

Most asbestos removal costs are linked to labor i.e., the cost of preparing an area as well as the actual removal and asbestos disposal. In a $700 per hour asbestos removal job, $400 to $500 could be linked to labor.

Asbestos removal costs based on the location of asbestos-containing material

As discussed above, some areas are more challenging than others. The cheapest asbestos removal locations are; the soil ($4 to $6), tile ($5 to $15), and popcorn ceiling ($3 to $7) per square feet. Asbestos-containing roofs are the most challenging to remove at $50 to $120. It costs approximately $7 to $9 per square foot to remove Asbestos from siding.

Cost of Not Having Asbestos Removed


While the above costs can seem expensive, asbestos removal costs are always warranted given the cost of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is dangerous and must be removed is the risk of exposure to humans is high. Asbestos is the main cause of cancer (mesothelioma and lung cancer). Asbestos exposure is also linked to cancers in the stomach, kidney, oral cavity, esophagus, colon, and larynx.

While Asbestos is harmless when intact, asbestos-containing materials release harmful fibrous asbestos fibers into the air that can cause cancer and other deadly ailments when inhaled or ingested.


Asbestos removal by professionals


Given the obvious risks posed by asbestos exposure and the underlying cost of removing asbestos-containing materials, some people may be tempted to remove Asbestos themselves in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects. You should never attempt to remove asbestos-containing materials anywhere in your home if you haven’t received asbestos awareness training.

Luckily, the training is readily available online and affordable through Haztrainer that offers OSHA-Certified asbestos awareness training online.
OSHA has strict guidelines on handling Asbestos. Haztrainer offers certified and affordable online training that makes it safe for trainees to handle and dispose of Asbestos.