Best Online Resources to Learn About Asbestos Awareness (For Free!)

Asbestos usage was popular throughout the 19th century up until the 1970s when the world realized the health risks posed by asbestos and begun banning asbestos usage. While banning asbestos has helped reduce asbestos exposure and resulting diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer, there’s a need for ongoing awareness considering many old buildings (built before the 1970s) still have asbestos-containing materials like roofing tiles, pipes, and insulation.

Considering people living or working in old buildings and homes still risk exposure, the need for asbestos awareness is ongoing. While there’s vast information online on asbestos awareness, most sources aren’t credible. Other resources are costly to access. Here’s a list of four top free online resources for people to learn about asbestos.


Here’s Our List:



Haztrainer is a company that offers online EPA and OSHA-approved lead and asbestos awareness training. The company has a blog that offers free online resources on asbestos and lead awareness. Haztrainer’s blog offers a variety of free resources on asbestos covering everything from the types of asbestos to removal costs, asbestos testing, and other valuable information on asbestos.

Avid readers of Haztrainer’s blog can familiarize themselves with all there is to know about identifying and handling asbestos, however, it’s advisable to consider the asbestos awareness training Haztrainer offers if you are at risk or handle asbestos-containing materials in your area of work.

Employers in certain industries such as real estate, housekeeping, school maintenance, and related industries where workers are at risk of asbestos exposure must take their workers through asbestos awareness training as per OSHA requirements. Besides offering free information on asbestos, Haztrainer has affordable OSHA-certified online asbestos awareness training. This training has notable advantages i.e., it is a quick, easy and affordable way to get mandatory asbestos awareness training.


2. is another top free online resource to learn about asbestos. Since 2006, the site (which works like an online advocacy center) has been offering quality information to individuals exposed to asbestos and their families. The site offers free information and support to help mesothelioma sufferers and their families overcome the disease and get justice if exposure to asbestos was linked to negligence by other parties. stands out as a top resource center for asbestos awareness since top mesothelioma specialists in the U.S. review information on the site. They also share professional information such as their medical perspectives and the best/latest treatments for asbestos-linked cancer.

Through the patient advocacy team made up of doctors, nurses, legal advisors, and claim agents, connects patients with the professional help they need and offers other useful information for free. The site’s outreach program ensures readers get information on the best care based on factors like diagnosis and location.

Most importantly, the site is a great resource for veterans who suffer from mesothelioma. The site has free useful information on benefits, cancer treatments, and VA claims for veterans. also has a thriving community that supports mesothelioma patients and their families through an online support group and social media.

3. EPA

The EPA also has a resource center that offers free information on asbestos. The resource center offers the basics of asbestos, including definitions, identifying asbestos and asbestos-containing materials, as well as information on asbestos exposure, such as where you are likely to find asbestos and the health effects of exposure. There’s also more information on how to protect your family, prevention, home contamination, and more.

4. American Lung Association

The ALA also offers free factual information on asbestos. While the ALA offers basics on asbestos awareness, it is a good source for verified information on the effects of asbestos, among other info such as sources and prevention.

There are countless sources of asbestos awareness information online. However, the above resources are free and contain verified information. To avoid misinformation and the effects of acting on inaccurate information, consider verifiable sources of information only. Asbestos exposure has serious consequences. You need factual and adequate information to act accordingly.

Haztrainer is a great resource for free information on asbestos. Employers can also get affordable OSHA-approved training online for their employees. is a great resource for free information on asbestos and support for individuals with asbestos-related ailments like mesothelioma. The EPA and ALA are adequate for individuals interested in learning about the basics.

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